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Question:Need A Workout that takes into account my Injuries

I was in a car accident and have a metal plate in my left hip and had torn ligaments in my right let and a fractured (outside smaller bone) Basically I can't run anymore (limited extention of my right ankle due to the bone regrowth) and not supposed to have my body more than a 90degree angle to my legs.

I need to work out my abs a lot, and well everything..what exercises can I do that don't require bouncing, jumping or the body extension of more than 90 degree angle?

Please help.

Asked by hunnyb on 7/31/08 1 Answer»


Hi hunnyb!
You should check with your doctor before you do any exercises. After that, you might want to invest in a trainer for at least one session so he/she can show you the moves that you should do. You don't want to go swimming like crazy because it's low impact and then you've hurt something!

Has your doctor given you any advice?

Answered by: LMAYO9 on 8/13/08
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