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Question:Do you have to go to Weight Watchers meetings?

I just had a baby and need to shed those extra pounds. I think Weight Watchers is my best option, but I'm not that keen on going to the meetings. Are they worth going to - and do you need to participate in order to do the diet?

Asked by lindad14 on 12/14/08 1 Answer»


You can do Weight Watchers two ways: online (in which case you never have to attend a meeting), or at a Weight Watchers location (where you can attend a meeting or just show up to weigh in and then leave before the meeting if you would like).

Personally, I really like the meetings. They are a great place to learn weight loss tips, see people who have truely made lasting changes in their life and lost weight, and a place to recommit to your plan. Also, meetings are a reminder that you are not alone, and there are so many people who struggle with weight. However, not everyone likes the meetings, so they are not mandatory. Studies have shown that those who go to the meetings have a higher likelyhood of success.

Only you know what will work for you. It might be nice to try a meeting though, just to see what it is about.

I think Weight Watchers is a good overall plan. They teach you how to eat sensibly, emphasize increasing your activity levels, as well as give you tools to handle the emotional and mental aspects of weightloss. Weight Watchers is probably one of the more affordable options out there as well.

Good luck! What ever way you decide to go- I am sure you will do great!

Answered by: vtagrl on 1/9/09
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