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Dream Jobs Do Come True

Two thousand eighty hours: That’s the amount of time you’ll spend at your full-time job this year. But if you’re like many employees—working a job you barely tolerate just to earn a buck—these 2000-plus hours may feel like an eternity.

If money were no object, how would you spend these two thousand-plus hours? Would you seek out a more stimulating, more fulfilling livelihood?

According to a survey by the Conference Board, only 47% of Americans are satisfied with their jobs—the lowest rate in 20 years. That means the majority—more than 50% of those polled—aren’t satisfied. As a gut reaction, you may feel that it’s not feasible or responsible to pursue a dream job that stimulates your interests firstly and pays the bills as an afterthought. However, there are jobs out there that can rouse your passions and provide financial security.

If you’re fed up with working just to “get by,” take the initiative to find your dream job. Securing your ideal career isn’t as scary as it seems. However, you should approach it like any other life goal—with persistence, discipline and intelligence.

It may take more than 30 days to discover and land your dream job, but the hard work and dedication put forth during this month will provide the bedrock for an exciting phase of your life.

Listening to Your Inner Career Voice

The first 30 days of finding your dream job will be a time of introspection to determine your passions and the type of job you’re searching for. A helpful method is to consider questions about your personality, such as: “Who am I?,” “What excites me?,” “What do I want from my career?”

“Listen with your heart. As you become clearer about who you are, the career you choose will be more satisfying, enjoyable and productive,” recommends Lorne Epstein, career expert and author of You’re Hired! Interview Skills to Get the Job.

During this period of introspection, think about the surrounding issues that may crop up with your dream job. Are you someone who values your weekends? If so, starting your own business may not work. Do you like to travel but hate being away from your family? Then a job as a flight attendant may not be the right “dream” for you. Make sure you weigh your wants and needs against the demands of a potential dream job.

Posted: 10/3/07

This article made me realize that I need to sit down and analyze myself, my skills, my needs, my wants and most of all what makes me happy? I need & desire a change from the financial field to helping others make better use of their space and maybe in teaching others the skills neccessary for their jobs. I know I am good at organizing and writing procedures, so that is where I am going to focus. I was encouraged to try and not give up by this article! Thanks!


I like what I do most of the time. But I've lost my "motivation." I still get excited about finishing projects but the day-to-day chores aren't exciting. What I'd like to do it get my "joy" back for all of the things I accomplish.

  • By dpearl
  • on 1/9/09 12:37 PM EST

I very much woluld like to find "my dream job" but it sounds to unrealistic. I have worked to pay the bills all my life - but i have never had a specific job that I loved or even liked very much - I wouldnt know where to begin. I have read the article and I am wondering how to begin - what kind of questions should i be asking myself. when I ask myself the standard 'what do I like to do?' I dont have any answers - it almost feels overwhelming or maybe I am just freaking myslef out because what if I discover my dream job only to fail at it?


To true. I recently was let go from a firm that closed up. I thought it was my dream job when I joined, however I have come to learn, that jobs change and you need to be ready for the changes as they arise. Also your idea of a dream job I see does change over time, so be open to your dream job when you start, and be open to changes that are likely to take place and be in front of those changes. I am creating my dream career now, and am excited about it.


I enjoyed this story sometimes you need alittle help in life I have done the same job for 25yrs. I like it but it is not what I want to do anymore it is like I am so tired of it. but I really don't know what my dream job is. I know I would like it to be flexable, do some traveling etc'


Makes a lot of sense. Bravo!