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Dream Jobs Do Come True

“You need to know what the exact dream job is before you begin. Not everyone is a match for [his or her] dream. That’s the biggest pitfall for people,” says Pamela Mitchell, CEO and chief vision officer of The Reinvention Institute, an organization devoted to helping people transform their careers. “People think it’s a dream but they never think how one’s personal makeup matches the dream.”

This examination helped Tracy Johnson* establish a new professional life in social work. After working as a trader at a large financial firm for years, she left that industry to become a mental health therapist for children and adults in the Bronx. “I was sitting at my friend’s house one day, thinking about how I didn’t care if the market went up and down. I knew I loved kids and working with people. I felt this need to make a difference,” she says.

Your introspection during this time may not lead to a specific dream job, but this self-reflection will pave the way for your future career path. It may take time and a few years of experience in various fields to figure it all out.

That’s exactly what happened to Jason Dorsey, who prepared for a life in finance while in college. Instead, he decided to follow his dream of helping his peers enter the workforce. Jason says he listened to his head and told himself, “You have control over what you choose to do.” His career change altered his life forever.

After two years, $50,000 of debt and pinching pennies by sleeping on the floor of his friend’s garage, Jason’s determination paid off. At age 18, he penned his first book, Graduate to Your Perfect Job, and his professional expertise generated the buzz he needed to become one of the most sought-after speakers in America.

Do Your Dream Job Homework

There is a very good chance that your dream job is in a field completely different from the one you’re in currently. Once you have a career trajectory in mind, focus on becoming intimately acquainted with your chosen field during this month. You’ll want to get a feel for the job’s responsibilities, salary range and future career prospects, among other aspects.

Research is essential during this phase. If there’s a particular company you are interested in, learn about what they do, how they do it and how you can help them do it better. When you’re able to articulate why this employer needs you and how your passion can translate into success for the company, your research will have paid off.

Posted: 10/3/07

This article made me realize that I need to sit down and analyze myself, my skills, my needs, my wants and most of all what makes me happy? I need & desire a change from the financial field to helping others make better use of their space and maybe in teaching others the skills neccessary for their jobs. I know I am good at organizing and writing procedures, so that is where I am going to focus. I was encouraged to try and not give up by this article! Thanks!


I like what I do most of the time. But I've lost my "motivation." I still get excited about finishing projects but the day-to-day chores aren't exciting. What I'd like to do it get my "joy" back for all of the things I accomplish.

  • By dpearl
  • on 1/9/09 12:37 PM EST

I very much woluld like to find "my dream job" but it sounds to unrealistic. I have worked to pay the bills all my life - but i have never had a specific job that I loved or even liked very much - I wouldnt know where to begin. I have read the article and I am wondering how to begin - what kind of questions should i be asking myself. when I ask myself the standard 'what do I like to do?' I dont have any answers - it almost feels overwhelming or maybe I am just freaking myslef out because what if I discover my dream job only to fail at it?


To true. I recently was let go from a firm that closed up. I thought it was my dream job when I joined, however I have come to learn, that jobs change and you need to be ready for the changes as they arise. Also your idea of a dream job I see does change over time, so be open to your dream job when you start, and be open to changes that are likely to take place and be in front of those changes. I am creating my dream career now, and am excited about it.


I enjoyed this story sometimes you need alittle help in life I have done the same job for 25yrs. I like it but it is not what I want to do anymore it is like I am so tired of it. but I really don't know what my dream job is. I know I would like it to be flexable, do some traveling etc'


Makes a lot of sense. Bravo!