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"I love this positive approach to life changing events. Thanks." -Barbara
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Do the To Do Dump

Do the To Do Dump

Shovel the driveway, pay the bills, fix the dishwasher, email Dad, buy new underwear, find a job, call the dentist….

If too many to-dos have you feeling totally overwhelmed, try a brain dump. Grab a piece of paper and write down every task on your mind—little chores, big projects, long-term goals—everything.

Look for items you can knock of in a matter of minutes, like sending emails, and do them now. Next, decide which items need to be done soon, like fixing the dishwasher—your marriage depends on it—and transfer them to a short-term To Do List. Hang it someplace visible, like on the fridge.

Rewrite the remaining, longer-term tasks or dreams, i.e., changing careers, redecorating, etc., in a separate notebook or some other handy location. Review and add to the list as needed.

There now, isn’t your brain refreshingly clear? Putting your intentions on paper helps ensure that you’ll actually do them.

Provided you remember to look at the list.

Posted: 3/24/09
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This article soo helps me~actually, I need a MAIN note for all of my notes! I have been TRYING to get organized, if you will~this am I used those big yellow envelopes and put stuff in each one, like: Veterinarian; Informational (pamphlets etc that I pick up, phone numbers of agencies that help..); HH receipts; Feel good (which includes printings of this site, & other pertinant ideas...OMG..I am just so overwhelmed! Really I need a secretary, as I take information (health, that is) for my sons' wife/girlfriend (2 of them, 1 is due Aug 23rd, the other has so many medical issues that SOMEONE had to help her, and her mom is dead, she is 30, has MY grandkids, and I just want the best for the both of them!

All this time I am too, working on boundaries, lol! I create great boundaries then ooops.....(eg: folders for my d-i-law) grrr I NEED HALP! (what I really need is to get a real job, and ta heck with all these notes that i have floating around!)

thanks again
I just love this site


  • By joylisa
  • on 3/24/09 5:59 PM EST