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Quit Smoking Once and for All

Quit Smoking Once and for All

There's no doubt that quitting smoking is an extremely difficult undertaking, but with the proper attitude, therapies and support, it is possible. Dr. Cheryl Healton, President and CEO of the American Legacy Foundation, an organization aimed at reducing U.S. smoking rates, offers these tips to help you thrive during the first 30 days of quitting smoking.
Keep trying. The average former smoker makes eight attempts to quit before she succeeds. Examining the approaches used in previous unsuccessful attempts can identify helpful strategies as well as potential pitfalls.
Have a great plan in place.
People who use more than one method—nicotine replacement patches/gum, Zyban or other new medications, etc.—are more likely to succeed. Try the simplest approaches first, adding more as necessary.
Don’t underestimate the need for social support.
Those who have support are 50% more likely to succeed. Surround yourself with people who offer endless encouragement and get counseling in the form of calling a quit line, attending one-on-one talk therapy or joining a support group.
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Posted: 12/5/09
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I quit because I was so sick I couldn't even take a drag without choking my brains out. I haven't smoked in 2 weeks and have no desire too. I went and got my car shampooed and it smells new...I keep doing good, positive things for myself. Everyone should treat themselves like a Prince or Princess after they quit smoking. Go and spend that money on your life instead of your death!


when the white paper came outabout smoking my wife was pregnant with first born.I was smoking three packs,or rather iwas going through three packs.not counting other GIs bumming from me.i wke up one morning automaticly reached for my first smoke of the day.i told my self no.i took a hand full of toothpicks .i chewed on the most of the day.i went for three weeks chewing took picks and being miserable to the troops that worked for me.Then i gave the rest of my cartons of cigeretes to some okinawans that i workd with.they thought i was being nice.except for having to accept anocasional but from the japanese to save face (theirs not mine)i have not lit up since 1964.who says you cant quit cold turky.if you want to quit,do it.no excuse just do it.find a tool.i used tooth picks.you can subsitute anything.jelly bely,gum drops.no excuse.