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Smile! It Makes Me Happy

Smile! It Makes Me Happy

If you want to be happier, make other people smile. Compliment the checkout clerk at the grocery store, help a sick friend, send someone a thoughtful card, crack a joke when others least expect it. Do whatever it takes to bring a little joy into someone else's life.
Making others feel good has a boomerang effect. When you see someone smile, knowing that you made it happen, you'll feel a warm glow inside. Not only does smiling bring others joy, but it has also been found to lower blood pressure, release endorphins, boost the immune system, relieve stress and help a person look younger and more confident. All of this because of you! Plus, focusing on the well-being of others teaches you to be kinder to yourself. And you become happier as a result.
Did you know? Research has shown that even a fake smile—from you or from the smiled-upon—can brighten someone's mood. 

Posted: 11/28/09
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Oh my goodness !!!

I tend to do this often...

Smiling is definitely mood changing and self-satisfying.

This tip totally speaks 2 me...I'm even smiling as I'm typing this :)


thankyou for that tip....I try to do that alot...and yes, it really does give one a good feeling knowing that you have made someone else smile....so, smile, smile, smile!!!

  • By pamc704
  • on 11/28/09 3:04 PM EST