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"Your book has fabulous tips to help the mindset-changing work that I do in the health industry. I am already sharing the book and web site with clients." -Tatiana
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Dance the Can-Can

Dance the Can-Can

If only your hair were straighter so people didn’t always mistake you for Jordin Sparks. And oh, to be rich like Bill Gates. Or sing like Beyoncé.

We live to want what we can’t have. Not that you shouldn’t have dreams, but focusing your energy on what you CAN have—things that are within your power—is a lot more productive.

What do you want that you can’t have? Make a list, and then one at a time, replace each desire with a more realistic one. For example, you can’t be as rich as Bill Gates, but maybe you can increase your wealth by spending less. And you’ll probably never sing like Beyoncé, but you can take voice lessons to improve your tone and increase your range.

Even if you can’t live your dream entirely, getting part way there is a whole lot better than staying stuck in dreamy-dream land. You never know—you may get closer than you think! You might even discover new dreams that are entirely within your grasp.

Posted: 1/24/09
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