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Ten Ways to Make a Goal Stick

Ten Ways to Make a Goal Stick

We all have things we know we want to achieve. So why is it so hard to do it? Well, because it takes effort, for one. If you’re having trouble with a specific goal, try these suggestions for getting it done:

1. Write it down—clarify your goal in a journal or on an index card taped to your mirror.

2. Manage expectations—if you fall off the wagon, all is not lost. Just get back on and keep going.

3. Buddy up—it’s always easier with a partner.

4. Revisit it—review and revise your goals throughout the year.

5. Be smart—specific, measurable, relevant goals are more attainable than non-specific ones.

6. Don’t remove, add—frame a goal positively (replacing bad habits with good ones).

7. Make it public—share your goal, so you’ll be more likely to stick to it.

8. Stick to a schedule—build those workouts into your calendar when you can actually do them.

9. Create a vision board—make a collage of magazine cutouts, quotes and photos for some visual inspiration.

10. Celebrate!—accept that change is an ongoing process and celebrate even small gains.
And if you don’t quite get there as soon as you’d hoped, there’s always 2010…

Posted: 1/25/09
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