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Your Brain Deserves a Break Today

Your Brain Deserves a Break Today

Don’t watch TV. It’ll rot your brain, make you more violent, stifle your social skills and turn you into a lazy, overweight couch potato. Television gets so much bad press, at times we feel downright guilty turning it on.

And so we should, if we’re camped out in front of the boob tube constantly, use it as a virtual babysitter or become overly invested in the relationships of people on a six-week dating show. But in moderation, TV viewing has its benefits. Besides the sheer educational value (Hello, Discovery Channel), letting your mind wander into someone else’s creativity is just plain fun. It’s also a great way to forget about whatever’s been bothering you. Your problems will still be there when you turn off the set, but letting your mind unravel a bit may be just what you need to work them out later.

Watch some TV today. (Preferably something that’s been prerecorded so you can fast forward through all those misleading, brain-rotting commercials.) Your brain deserves it.

Posted: 1/23/09
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