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Psst! Guess What?

Psst! Guess What?

Sorry, no big secrets here. But you were kind of hoping, right? There’s something so—well, fun—about being on the receiving end of a secret. (Maybe it’s the fact that you aren’t the one being talked about.) Secrets create instant bonds between the people that share them.

Today, tell a big, juicy secret to someone you care about—at no one’s expense but your own, of course. Divulging personal information will show that special someone just how much you trust him or her, and value the relationship you have.

Sharing even a small secret can help you feel closer to someone. It might even inspire the listener to open up and reveal something you’ve always wondered about. Provided they aren’t used maliciously, secrets are a great way for you and the people you care about to develop closer relationships—something we could all use amidst the more common “every man for himself” mentality.

Posted: 8/5/08
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