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Driver Safety

Driver Safety

Hey there. "It’s my life" is a perfectly acceptable attitude when you’re summiting K2. But get behind the wheel of a car, and it’s time to think beyond numero uno. Keep passengers, pedestrians, other drivers and yourself safe by following a few simple guidelines you probably haven't considered since you were 16 or so.

First off, pay attention. 80% of accidents are caused by driver inattention. Keep the texting, talking, beautifying, list-writing, song changing, and so on to a minimum while driving. Two words: Pull over. Save the multitasking for the office or at home!

Second, wear good shoes that won’t get in the way of your pedals or worse, fall off. There's nothing more frightening than a shoe stuck under the pedal that keeps you from braking. That means no stilettos, flip-flops or other unstable footwear. Wear something else while you drive and then change when you get there.

Finally—and this one’s a no-brainer, but plenty of people still ignore it—Buckle up. In 2006, more than 50% of passengers and 31% of drivers killed in car accidents weren’t wearing a seatbelt. We don't want to sound like your mother or anything, but we do care about you! Living healthier means taking care of yourself in every situation—including in the car. So go ahead—buckle up, and start being a better driver today. We'll even let you in front of us next time we're stuck in traffic...promise.

Posted: 8/15/08
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Hey Everyone! Driving safely just doesn't happen! You as the driver of a very large hunk of steel that is flying down the highway at 70 or 80 MPH means you have to be aware of your surrounding at all times. My wife who works with the highway patrol in our state can probably tell you some stories and if you have the stomach for it describe in great detail some of the things she has seen. Trust me a few minutes with her and you'll be driving with a bit more care than I bet you are now. In almost every scene she discribes, the passengers were thrown from the vehicle (Ejected) due to lack of the use of seatbelts! Wear them to drive another day! Take care, and watch what your doing!

  • By tjsauer
  • on 8/19/08 2:56 PM EST

One other thing to be mindful of...cyclists on the road with you. There are more and more of them as gas prices rise, (including me) so be aware and keep them as well as you, safe.

  • By lockmb
  • on 8/15/08 9:01 AM EST