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Master Your Emotional Rainbow

Master Your Emotional Rainbow

If your home life is an emotional roller coaster or you're having trouble feeling happy, don’t blame your roommates or your partner. First, check out the colors of your walls. You may have a general sense of the psychology of color, but do you know how colors affect you personally?

Red can stimulate your appetite or make you feel angry. Yellow is the color of optimism, yet it’s hardest on the eyes and can be overpowering. And while blue is associated with tranquility, in dark shades it can be depressing and cold. This, of course, is a general guide—everyone reacts to colors differently.

Start paying attention to the feelings individual colors invoke in you. Whenever you’re feeling particularly relaxed, or just the opposite—angry and irritable—look at the colors around you. Most likely, you’ll start to notice a pattern.

Now pat yourself on the back for using your keen powers of observation. And start painting some more “positive” colors into your home space! If you want to do something even more immediate (and less time consuming and expensive than painting) pop a brightly colored vase full of flowers onto your desk, or add some colorful throw pillows to a couch or chair. Don't you feel happier already?

Posted: 7/1/08
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What color is YOUR parachute?


I live in a rented townhouse where the walls are light beige with white trim. They look nice but very newtral. I can only change the colors by pictures and furniture and curtains. That being said, you can do alot with that. I am becoming a Home Interiors Distributor so I can have the luxury of trying different things out at home and using them in my business at a reduced cost. I tend to go towards blues, purples, pinks and my favorite colors are peach and aqua and grayed lavender which I had in my house on wallpaper before we sold it. I loved it there, but into every life a little rain must fall and that was like a tropical depression. We are in need of new furniture and I want to get just the right thing so I keep looking. Any suggestions for a color scheme? Something classy and upbeat is what I'm looking for.

  • By Reborn
  • on 7/2/08 9:35 PM EST

pebo57 -- Here are a couple of links for you:




I agree with the article. Now where can I find a list of harmonious colors?
Have a beautiful day.

  • By pebo57
  • on 7/1/08 7:55 AM EST