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"I love the concept of the Change Muscle and being a Change Optimist. I am now open to learning the valuable lessons that my changes have brought." -Raveshree
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Reward Yourself

Reward Yourself

Retailers do their best to be your buddy. They act like friends, promising beauty, wealth and power ad nauseam. But behind all those warm, fuzzy TV commercials, web sites and store promos are a bunch of marketing geniuses sitting around a big table debating about the best way to rob—er, we mean, convince you to buy their products.

With friends like that…

But let’s focus on the positive. All that "brainstorming" behind the scenes has spawned a new generation of reward programs. Take Starbucks, for example. They’re offering free refills and two hours of Wi-Fi service to their Rewards customers.

Look around for the best reward deals on products or services you use, like hotels, restaurants, credit cards or book stores (always making sure to read the fine print, of course). If you have to switch brands or stores, then so be it. Use your loyalty where it benefits you most as a consumer. After all, you work hard for the money! Get the most you can for it, starting today.

Posted: 7/2/08
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with todays high prices of gas I love the fact that you can take sells ads from other store to Wal mart they will give you the product for that price. the other day I bought air conditioner got home and was reading my sunday paper and seen where the same one was $20.00 less at circuit city called wal mart asked them if they still honored other stores sells. told them I was just in there and bought mine for their price and then seen where circuit city had it for less and if I bought the sells ad in with my recent it they would honor the difference I did not even have to take the air conditioner in with me and they gave me the difference back. I was so happy. I do not have to drive all over every where to find what I want for a lower price. I just go to Wal Mart with my sells papers and compare prices.