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"Your website about change has changed the life of someone in a far, far away place...me, in Egypt! Well done!" -Ghada
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'Tis Better to Give...

'Tis Better to Give...

A young teacher took care of a little boy whose mother had died and whose father was very sick with cancer. Often, she took this student to her home, made sure he had enough food and clothing and even took him out for pizza and movies. After his father’s death, she took him to the funeral and helped him get settled in a new home with his aunt.

Now that’s what giving is all about.

True giving lifts the hearts and spirits of everyone involved. It’s about sacrificing your time and energy for someone in need, lovingly handcrafting a gift for someone you care about, or simply being there for another person. It’s not about last minute gifts from the mall or fancy packaging. It's not about how much you can spend. The novelty of these gifts is fleeting, and so is the “joy” you feel giving them.

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus or some other wintertime holiday, give from the heart. The joys will last a lifetime.

Posted: 12/25/08
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