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Avoiding the Family Feud

Avoiding the Family Feud

You aren’t really going to go another ten rounds with Dad at the holiday table this year, are you? Bury the hatchet, already. Antacids are getting expensive.

Who do you have a bone to pick with? Uncle Al? Cousin Jeremiah? Granny Hilda? Let’s face it, you’re itching to blow off some steam. This year, keep it bottled up inside, so we can watch it blow out your ears.

No really, let it go already. You can’t make the past go away, but you can keep things cool, for the sake of everyone around you.

Assuming the other person isn’t the reasonable, levelheaded individual that you are—and no one is, right?—take the initiative yourself. Calmly approach your fellow feuder in the sweetest voice you can muster up and propose the following: Let’s put aside all our resentment and sarcasm and make it a point to talk and listen to each other respectfully, shall we?

Making relationships better is largely up to you. Who knows? The other person might just be waiting for you to make a move, or perhaps they are trying to muster up the courage themselves. In the best case, you get to renew a relationship. Worst case scenario? You can always pick up where you left off after the holidays.

Posted: 12/19/08
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Loved the humor--how can something so right still be so funny?

  • By car1951
  • on 12/21/08 8:06 AM EST

This was a helpful aritcle and I am glad you posted it.