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"I am ready for change! For a new life, for joy, for spreading what I've learned to those who are hopeless as I once was. Thanks so much for this opportunity to learn and grow, to share and help. I remain in love with life." -Pamela
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At Last!

At Last!

[Insert collective sigh of relief here.]

Decision 2008 (or Indecision 2008, depending on where you get your news) has come and gone. Barack Obama is the 44th President-Elect of the United States. And whether you voted for him or not, change has happened and will continue to happen on a global and country-wide scale.

But that's not what today is really about. Today is about remembering change starts at the granular level. It begins with you. The change you seek might be intensely personal. Perhaps you want to improve your health, become more spiritual or work at making your relationships better. Maybe you want to see change happen within your community, seeing the poor served or your local government do more good. Either way, there is something you can do to "be the change you want to see" in your own world.

Change does happen everyday. It happens when we make choices to be positive and optimistic in the face of adverse odds. It happens when we choose to love and respect, rather than degrade and tear down. Each day, we each have the power to choose to contribute well, rather than contribute ill (or worse, not contribute at all.)

How are you going to "be the change" in the coming year?

Posted: 11/5/08
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well said, "..choose to love and respect, rather than degrade and tear down" and " Each day, we each have the power to choose to contribute well, rather than contribute ill (or worse, not contribute at all.)"


I am starting with a renewed sense of begining. I have changed how I view my job and others. I will have a better attitude because a smile is contagious. I have always believed that ANYTHING is possible and WE are capable of bigger and better things. We just have to go through some things to get there. To me that makes you appreciate the journey. I started with nothing and am blessed with more that I could ever imagine.


indigobleu83 - your energy is infectious. I'm sure you can help inspire more people to believe as you do, just by sharing your passion.


I've never been so inspired by the way in which people can band together for one common goal. Amazing things have happened in the face of so much negativity in the recent past and I am so proud to be able to do my small part to help things turn around. While the economy is in the middle of the worst slump in about a century it's hard for people to find the time, energy or finances to contribute to charity or volunteer work. I work for a company that's goal is to eradicate homelessness and I am willing to work as well as donate my extra time to assisting this mission in getting all people into a space they consider healthy home