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But I'm Not Done Yet!

But I'm Not Done Yet!

This is the Portion Control Police speaking. Put the spoon down and your hands up. You are under arrest for eating when full. We have been continuously refilling your soup bowl through a hole in the bottom…

Oops. You've over-eaten, again. It seemed harmless enough to bring that package of chips or cookies to the couch while watching "Brothers and Sisters." Now an hour has gone by, and all you have to show for it is another messy Walker family dinner and an empty sleeve of Oreos. Nice.

The fact is, people tend to base fullness on visual cues, rather than on messages from their own bodies. They stop eating when the plate or package is empty or when the TV show is over. So next time, take a cookie or two out, put it on a plate, and put the rest away. Better yet, buy a smaller, snack-size package if you're craving something sweet or savory, so that you'll just have a little bit.

The next time you eat at a restaurant, decide ahead of time how much you’ll consume, portioning it out, if possible. In general, tune into your own body and adopt the Japanese practice of “Hara hachi bu.” Eat until you’re 80% full. Take the rest of the food home for lunch tomorrow. You'll be doing your stomach, and yourself, a huge favor!

Learning to retrain your mind and your stomach is an ongoing process-tell us how you're doing with your weight loss and healthy living goals!

Posted: 11/29/08
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In honesty,for most of us,it's not missing a "fullness cue"...it's just that the stuff TASTES good and we want to keep that coming.We are eating for the pleasure,not for hunger or nutritional need.I think we need a shot of novacaine to the tongue every day!! LOL

  • By Pammie
  • on 11/30/08 12:36 PM EST

Not very good, considering I had chocolate covered graham cracker cookies for breakfast and ginger snaps for lunch ...