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Creating a Vision

Creating a Vision

When you have a dream, it exists, for the most part, only in your mind. Some would call it a vision. So why not create a physical manifestation of that vision that will spur you on and keep you focused on your goals as you pursue that dream?

We're talking about a vision board...a visual representation of what living your dream looks like. Get some poster board or corkboard and hang it in your “dream” workspace. Cut out various pictures in newspapers and magazines that embody the dream you’re trying to achieve. Staple or paste these photos on your vision board and make sure this board is in a highly visible space. Every day, look at your vision board and concentrate on making that vision come true. If you are reminded of more facets of pursuing your dream, add them accordingly.

First30Days expert friend John Assaraf is a bestselling author and teacher from the movie “The Secret.” For the past 25 years, he has studied quantum physics and neuroscience, and then applied these findings to help people achieve their goals in everyday life. Drawing upon his unique knowledge, Assaraf has developed a process that helps people live the life of their dreams–and now he’s sharing it in his newest book, The Complete Vision Board Kit (check out TheVisionBoardKit.com to download the first chapter of the book for free.)

Of course, just having the board won’t actually make your dream come true, but it will help you stay motivated, and remind you that you are capable of achieving all your goals and dreams. By creating a vision board, you are choosing to change what you believe about yourself and your abilities. Go for it--what have you got to lose?

Posted: 10/30/08
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A friend of mine told me about the Vision Board. I set one up in my office to lower my blood sugar.

So far it is giving me the right attitude and it is working.


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  • By Agnesw
  • on 11/17/08 1:31 AM EST

Creating a vision board is a really fun and useful exercise. It helps you focus on the words and images that represent what feels right to you and what you're striving to attract into your life. Surrounding yourself with such images is helpful in reminding you of your goals. It's also a pleasant way to warm up an office or work space.