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"I look forward to working through the changes I want to make and talking with others who have the same desires. Thank you for making this possible!" -Kathy
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Making Smart Choices

Making Smart Choices

With any change you're trying to make--exercising more, quitting smoking, spending less--temptation can make it hard to feel successful.The best insurance against temptation is to find a substitute or deterrent for those inevitable moments of weakness.

For example, if you’re trying to lose weight, instead of reaching for that sleeve of Oreos, go to the mall and look for the outfit you’ll buy when you reach your goal. Then buy yourself a little something for exercising your willpower (Not a cookie).

If you’re saving for retirement, keep a reminder of what you’re saving for handy, so you can whip it out when you’re tempted to splurge. You could also keep a list of the things you want to enjoy when you're retired by your bedside or taped to the fridge so that you can keep them in mind as you invest in the future.

You can use these techniques for both short and long term goals of almost any kind. The key is to consistently remind yourself of what it is you really want, and find what will keep you focused on the end result.

Posted: 10/26/08
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This is one I struggle with. I'm more apt to go for the immediate gratification, even on small things. In fact, mostly on small things, but in the end it's not doing me any good toward my goal.