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Eye on the Ball

Eye on the Ball

Stop living vicariously through your kids and play your own sports already. That’s what adult recreational sports are for. To get all you sports-fanatic parents off the sidelines and onto a field—of your own.

Seriously, if there’s a sport you played as a kid or that you’ve always wanted to play—baseball, softball, soccer, whatever--look for information on adult teams or leagues in your area. Check community boards or local papers, search online or do some good, old-fashioned asking around. If you can’t find a team for a particular sport, start your own.

At any age, joining a team is a win-win situation. You get regular exercise doing something you love, and you get to be part of a team. And if you’re a parent, you get the added bonus of hearing your kids yell instructions at you from the sidelines.

Posted: 10/22/08
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I know quite a few guys who play basketball and a couple who play hockey. It's such a great outlet for them as well as a way to get exercise.