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Work to Live, or Live to Work?

Work to Live, or Live to Work?

If you just finished all your holiday shopping because you won’t have another day off until next summer, here’s a newsflash: Your work-life balance is a bit out of whack.

We know, work is what paid for those gifts. And yes, they could find someone to replace you if you don’t keep sucking it up and working those extra hours. But if you don’t find some balance, pretty soon that stress is going to catch up with you and your whole self will be quite out of whack.

The holidays are just around the corner. If you’re feeling swamped with what’s on your plate for the upcoming months, let your boss know. He or she may not even realize how you’re feeling. Discuss the importance of a work-life balance and ask for help meeting your shared goals more efficiently. The two of you might even come up with a prioritized list of responsibilities.

Maintaining a work/life balance is key to being happier. What are some of your tips for keeping in balance?

Posted: 10/20/08
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For most of my adult life, I've worked just to live. I had always hoped that one day I could have the resources to explore my passions(writing, martial arts, and voice-overs). I wanted to be able to use one of those passions as a means of getting out of the boredom and monotony of a 40-week office job. It's been very hard staying focused with the economy failing, being in debt, and feeling like there's no out. Right now, I'm looking into investing in the stock market(I know that sounds foolish). My apologies for not giving any real advice, but if I did give a bit of advice, it would be to not rely on our well-being from other people. Instead, always let God be the vehicle for our well-being.


It's hard when you work for a web site to really disconnect. I try to give myself a couple of hours at night to walk my dog, eat dinner and take care of some things around my apartment before I turn the computer on again for the night, otherwise I think I'd feel like the only time I wasn't working was when I was sleeping. Everyone needs a little down time.


I lived this life before. I worked 80 + hrs a week. It nearly killed me. Now I sit here, 52 years old and disabled. All for what? I didn't get rich. Somebody else did. All I got was fired for breaking down during the Christmas Rush.


My husband and I have an agreement regarding work. When he arrives home, we sit and he tells me about his work day. He is allowed thirty minutes. After that we talk about things we want to accomplish. it could be preparing for a weekend get away or household goals. this keeps work in it's place which is not taking up non-work hours.

  • By noonsun
  • on 10/20/08 9:17 AM EST

i keep my life in balance by first telling myself it's ok if 'everything' doesn't get done TODAY or even this week. Then I prioritize and i ask myself if today was my last day what would be important to get done and what could wait? I also try to stay organized and clutter free from the beginning of the week so it's just maintaining that during the week and no major 'home' projects unless i have help.

  • By rohrer
  • on 10/20/08 8:22 AM EST