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Thriller Night

Thriller Night

Well, folks, it’s that time of the month again. Tonight, the moon’s energy is at its strongest. Some even say it’s full of magic power.

Better watch out--there’s a werewolf behind you. Eek!

There are so many fun things to do under a full moon that can improve your relationships. Gather together some friends and/or family members, power up the outdoor HDTV and learn all the dance moves to Michael Jackson’s "Thriller", or share some scary ghost stories (with a flashlight under your chin, of course).

If you have young children, web sites like Universalpreschool.com are a great resource for moon-related books, activities and good eats.

And for the romantics in the group, drag your sweetheart to the top of a big hill and have dinner under the rising moon. With all that magic in the air, who knows what might happen…

Posted: 10/14/08
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Another great thing about the full moon is that it's a great symbol for change! If you've been having a rough couple of weeks use tonight to symbolize a new beginning and leave the negativity behind.


There's something about a full moon in the fall... they seem more bright and certainly more spooky in October, the month of ghosts and goblins. I'd like to go for one of those haunted hay rides under a full moon.


I love this little tip reminders. So helpful to connect to fun things, activities and thoughts that are more useful then the usual news.

I am heading out tonight for some howling....