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"I love what you're doing. To help people is great. To teach people to help themselves is wonderful!" -Liz
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When Elders Talk, People Listen

When Elders Talk, People Listen

Anyone know what they call a person who lives to be 100? If you guessed a centenarian, bing, bing, bing—you win!

No prize, sorry. Just empty praise.

In a recent poll, 100 U.S. centenarians (some were 99) shared their top tips for healthy living and aging well:

1. Stay close to family and friends.
2. Keep your mind active.
3. Laugh and have a sense of humor.
4. Stay in touch with your spirituality.
5. Keep moving and exercising.

Great advice, but old news. (Punny.) We all know these things but run into problems somewhere between knowing and doing. This week, bridge that gap and do something from each category. For example, write to an old friend, learn a new word, tell a great joke, meditate and walk for 30 minutes. If you can’t swing five, try for three.

Keep it up long enough and—who knows?—maybe you’ll reach centenarian status.

Posted: 9/26/08
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I always believe our elders have earned the right to give advice since they have been there and done that so if they want to share their secrets, we should listen carefully.

  • By falczuk
  • on 9/28/08 12:22 AM EST

Here's one more tip from a departed elder...

"There's no reason to be the richest man in the cemetery. You can't do any business from there."
- Colonel Harland Sanders


Listen to the elders. If their advice is good, take it. If their advice is a little outdated, just listen. They'll feel appreciated. Either way, you're in a winning situation.

  • By cobber
  • on 9/26/08 10:38 AM EST

I love that list, especially number 3. My grandmother used to say "you have to laugh, because if you don't laugh, you will cry"