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"I shared your book and web site with several of my book clubs, blog groups and friends; I think it is great to share. I hope your book becomes very successful!" -Susana
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Susie says to Sarah: “That outfit looks great on you!”

“It would look better if I lost a few pounds,” Sarah replies.

Do you sometimes or always respond to compliments the way that Sarah does? Well, let's try to change that! You’re an amazing individual and people are letting you know it with their sincere words. So why not soak it in, enjoy the praise and say a simple “Thank you” instead?

It’s easier said than done, you say. Sure, it might take a little work to get out of the habit of deflecting compliments, but it will definitely be worth the effort. Here’s some extra incentive: Accepting compliments makes you more confident in who you are and can boost your self esteem! And who wouldn't want to be happier in that way?

Just make sure you take the feedback with a little bit of humility—there's no need to gush, or ask for further praise. And, you needn't always praise in return (unless you really want to, of course.)

Posted: 7/29/08
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