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MJ Acharya

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Mike Riley

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Melissa Kantor

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The 48 Hour Rule


Don't email, call, or text your ex on a whim.  Naturally you have plenty of things you would like to say to him.  Write them all down but wait 48 hours to take action.  It's better to have 20 drafted emails to choose from than send one on a whim that you wish you could take back.

Shared by Alison_James on 2/22/08

You are so right, and I'm glad to find a place here to listen to some sane advice from others. I am not going to contact him again, one day at a time. I simply am not going to do it. I ended it, and want a shred of self respect, want to stand tall, want to walk away with dignity. I don't regret my tears and feeling the pain, that seemed to be temporarily soothed with contact. But he won't even discuss it and acts like its the most normal thing in the world.
We're friends, so he says. But we really aren't. Not anymore.
I need space, help and healing because the emotions sometimes just makes me impulsive. I want my HEAD and HEART back.


in the place of e mail you can figure out words and phrases and call it to the right person


That's really good advice. I know I've experienced email regret.
Thanks for sharing that.