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Question:I am at the one month post break up stage, he left the relationship, not me. I cut off contact but my mood has gone between relief, to deep depression, to now intense anger. I try to talk to friends, busy myself, but I'm still experiencing mood swings.

Asked by esthechica on 8/19/09 14 Answers»


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Answered by: chelnel515 on 10/8/15


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Answered by: happyhans on 8/19/15


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Answered by: raymondjer5 on 8/15/15


What you are experiencing are normal stages of a breakup. Eventhough you feel relief and maybe even that it is for the best,it's a loss. So you will literally grieve and then go through periods of anger and sadness. In time, it will pass. I would suggest getting out more and learning ways to comfort and relax yourself. Try not to dwell in what's past. I wish you the best :)

Answered by: Forseer on 11/28/09


Hi Esthechica
Wow I am so bad at keeping up with this site :)
that was a good thing to do to get out and enjoy yourself. At the end of the day I think we have to make ourselves happy regardless if we have a significant other or not. It's hard at times.
No worries I'm glad any insight I can give helps.

Answered by: cristagali on 9/13/09


Thanks! I know I realized that about trying to become psychic and "read" his behavior before and after the relationship. I have wished he would call anyway, just to let me know he had cared for me, but I made it clear no contact. I realized along the way that not cutting him out would have seriously held me back and kept me connected in a way that he would not have been. I don't know if he is quite that cold as a stone or if that is what he is wanting to project, but I made up my mind I am done. I saw him online today and busied myself reading other material, and found I had actually forgotten about it for a while. I believe if he really intended to talk again, he is capable of initiating, but that it is better that he doesn't for my progess's sake.

I know about returning to square one. If you are in my spot, it only serves to make you pine again and hope, or makes you angry, and in your case it probably reawakened some guilt and regret.

Don't despair! You had a weak moment, so what? You checked out your curiosity and now you know. Forgive yourself, it's really ok. Look it just strengthen's your resolve to NOT do it again cause it doesn't feel good, right? New rule: don't do anything that feels bad or you know will make you feel bad.

Me? I looked at his facebook photo album and who he's added every so often, then I finally realized that afterward, I have a headache, my chest hurts and I'm pissed! It hit me over the head that this feels awful, so don't friggin' do it. LOL.

I have spent the last week going to the beach, floating in the water, giving myself some peace. Writing all my crappy feelings in a journal, following breakup exercises in a book. I'm now in the middle of a vision board and realize how unfocused I became during and after the relationship, and how focused on him I was!! I need to get myself back and forget it. Every time I start the headachey feeling again, I picture myself floating in the ocean and it helps!

Go do something that makes you feel really good, and forgive yourself. It's hard with all these ups and downs, trust me I know! I still have them.

I'm really glad to have gotten a chance to get your insights and support. :)

Answered by: esthechica on 9/5/09


Hey Esthechica
thanks for the advise. I have three journals that I have used up so far with this situation. Being the one leaving was hard. I can't speak for anyone else but to give up the comfortabliity that you was used to is a lot. I tried to be strong but it still hurts. And foolish me I called and it made all the so called work I did to get over him come undone. We as women are more sensitive then men. Some find it easy to find someone else and not give a thought to the one they left or was left by.
Your anger is ok you are doing the right things. I hear exercising works to release some of the other feelings so try it and see.
One thing I can say is get out of your head. I mean don't worry about what he is or isn't doing because it is only going to drive you up the wall. I was doing the same thing and that is why I called and now I am back to square one.
I hope that helps

Answered by: cristagali on 9/3/09
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