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Worst. Baby Name. Ever.

Worst. Baby Name. Ever.

In the "ten points for standing by your convictions" category, this guy has the sweep. But he's earned about -700 billion points in the "picking out a baby name" category.

Sarah McCain Palin.

It's not that the names themselves, when taken separately, are bad. But what the [bleep] was this new dad thinking? Although he and his wife had already picked out a perfectly nice name for their little girl—Ava Grace—Mark Ciptak decided to show his support for the Republican presidential ticket and saddle his daughter with a moniker folks will surely be talking about for years to come (regardless of who wins the election).
Ciptak says he did it because he doesn't have money to contribute to the campaign. Guess the sign in his yard and his impending vote aren't enough. We're all for being passionate—but how would you feel if your partner did something like this? [DNJ.com]

Posted: 10/14/08

And if I ever have a son, I think I'm gonna name him
Bill or George! Anything but Sue!


I'm speechless.

  • By cobber
  • on 10/16/08 9:37 AM EST

My husband did a similar thing to our only daughter. I thought we had agreed on Celisa Renee'.

The nurse had the birth certificate all made out and was bringing it to me when she met him in the hall. She offered congradulations and complimented him on the name choice. He said, "Oh, no, that's wrong -- it should be Leslie Rene'." All through the years my daughter hated her name. She said it just didn't feel right. At age 19, she went to court and changed it to Celisa Renee', and what's more, changed her last name to her paternal grandfather's surname. Was my husband shocked!! Her brothers, too!
With the close connection between mother and child, spiritually, physically, emotionally, psychically, I believe that the new individual somehow informs it's mother what the name is supposed to be. And so it could be with little Sarah!


Well, I can't say as I'd personally name my kid after presidential and VP candidates, but there are worse names out there. Have you considered some of Hollywood's favorite baby names? Sheesh! Someone give those guys a baby book.

At any rate, I already have my son's name picked out, so the hubby's just going to have to deal. He can name the others if we have more kids.

Nico...what's wrong with the name Piper? I actually like that one. ;)


If that were me I'd be on my way to the dog house! I wonder what Bristol, Track, Willow, Piper and Trig would have to say about this!


Patternweaver I'm so sorry you have those initials. That is unfortunate. I think you're right...when this girl grows up and starts going to school those kids will have no idea about the history of her name.


I had the initials g.a.s. growing up. I developed a great sense of humor. She'll do the same. I had my 11th birthday on the same day JFK was assasinated. I got past it. She'll do the same. She'll bring her own style and pizazz to Sarah, and more people will remember her for it. God Bless her.


Dad's response to criticism: "Umm ... I'd like to use one of my lifelines!" Ha, ha ... Oh, man, what were you thinking?!


I'd name my kid Bailout Bill.


Bad dad. They picked a beautiful name they agreed on, and he really took advantage of his wife there. Not cool.

  • By Eva1873
  • on 10/14/08 4:33 PM EST

Divorce. Immed.


Ohmygosh. That's just...no. That's just wrong.

  • By Karadc
  • on 10/14/08 3:51 PM EST