Elizabeth Irvine

on Being a New Mom
Nurse, mother of three, award-winning author and media spokesperson for healthy living

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What is the belief you personally go to during times of change?

The place I utilize in times of change is allowing myself the luxury of a quiet, still space. My daily meditation practice has become an intricate link in allowing me to navigate with calm confidence through the inconsistency and changes life brings. 

The best thing about change is...

It keeps me on my toes! Change, whether it meant moving to another country, learning to take care of my sick child, or a more minor, everyday disappointment, has continually pushed me to grow and learn. My greatest accomplishments have always been preceded by unforeseen, unsolicited, and pretty uncomfortable changes that occurred in my life. Now with some experience under my belt, I know that when change has brought me to an uncomfortable place, I know that a new level of growth and goodness is not far behind.

What is the best change you have ever made?

After enduring a very uncomfortable stage with a sick child, I made the decision to create a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family. It was the catalyst that led to my son’s recovery and to the dedicated passion of my work today.

Advice on Change

Speaking from my nursing background, I can say the initial stages of motherhood are classically known as the “honeymoon” phase. So go ahead, take enormous pleasure in welcoming this little beloved “miracle” into your family. Relish the giddy, euphoric fact that you now have a baby, and life is beautiful. New motherhood can be tiring and bewildering, but it also passes very quickly. So, even if you are feeling scared and tired because you don’t know what you are doing--take advantage of this enchanting time and simply revel in the magic of it.

Present Moment.
Motherhood can sometimes feel like a continual series of interruptions. As a new mother, your thoughts, tasks, almost everything and anything you do can feel fragmented. Your attention is continually being pulled in different directions. Find calm and clarity through the practice of “present moment.” Focus your thoughts and/or actions on ONE thing at a time. Start small, gradually allowing this simple but effective Zen practice to become a welcome habit in your every day.

Babies and children need it and so do you. This doesn’t mean maintaining a drill sergeant’s schedule; it means having a general framework for the day. Establish consistency. Create routines around things such as meal times and bedtimes. In doing this, you create predictable security. These rituals go on to build foundations of security and trust that last a lifetime.

Mother and child have a bond that is natural and deeply rooted. It is an intuitive connection; just like a mother bird that builds a nest in expectation of her young. A mother’s love reaches beyond any logical boundaries. Most mothers would sacrifice their very lives to protect the life of their child. Motherhood’s fierce love fortifies you; it changes your priorities, and in a world that can sometimes feel short on love, with each breath you now take a generous and selfless tenderness come first.

Lessons Learned. Our children bring lessons we need. The roles and responsibilities under the job title of “mother” are so vast, such an endless list; it is unlikely anyone would ever knowingly sign up for the job. However, this great effort can reward us with the most fulfilling moments of our lives. My role as a mother has allowed me to open up and caused the formation of a person I didn’t know existed. It has dug down into the depths of me and extracted a deeper love, given me more compassion and a higher purpose in nurturing a child. This unfolding has made me more beautiful and more vulnerable than ever before.

About Elizabeth Irvine

Beth Irvine is a nurse, mother of three, and award-winning author of Healthy Mother Healthy Child: Creating Balance in Everyday Life. She also is a media spokesperson for healthy living, teaching mothers (and everyone else) practical ways to build healthier lifestyles.

With twenty-five years of health care experience, Beth is an expert contributor to the national web sites and (11 million viewers) She appears regularly on TV across America, and her weekly web-based radio show, Creating Healthy Balance Everyday has been singled-out for “making a difference in peoples' lives,” and is consistently rated in the top eight shows with 3.3 million listeners. More info at

Healthy Mother Healthy Child: Creating Balance in Everyday Life


This book is about creating balance and joy in everyday life. Drawing on her personal wisdom as registered nurse, yoga teacher, and mother of three, author Beth Irvine teaches families practical ways to build healthier lifestyles....