Loren Slocum

on Being a New Mom
Mother of three, author, businesswoman, international speaker and founder and CEO of Lobella International

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What is the belief you personally go to during times of change?

I see change as an opportunity to be challenged and grow.

The best thing about change is ...

It makes you feel alive, and that you’re constantly moving forward/making progress.

What is the best change you’ve ever made?

I made a conscious decision many years ago to start taking care of myself. I remember the moment: I was 8-months pregnant with a broken foot and volunteering at an event that went well into the night. In an effort to grab a much-needed nap, I tucked under a 6-foot foldout table for a 20-minute snooze, only to be kicked by another volunteer. That was enough for me to make a change, and decide that I had to put myself first. I started to let others take on more responsibilities; I realized that by empowering others, not only was I taking care of myself, I was achieving better results in the process. As a result, I also learned a valuable lesson: By letting go, I was able to become a true giver by allowing others to reciprocate. One simple decision, one small shift, enabled me to contribute even more of myself.

Advice on Change

What is the first thing you tell new mothers?
I tell them that motherhood is a gift—you now have the opportunity to help another human being grow and learn, and help them find their place in the world. There is an unconditional love and wonder that comes with motherhood that can’t be found with any other experience. Each magic moment should be celebrated.

What do you say to new mothers who feel they don’t have time to enjoy their new baby, let alone celebrate?
Often we have an expectation that celebrations must be planned, or once-in-a-while moments. The truth is we need to embrace the little moments in life. Cherish the everyday gestures from your children—a smile, when they wrap their arms around you, unexpected laughter; these are the moments that will fill your core and make you feel radiant.

Often the first 30 days can be a time of adjustment—how do you deal with what can be sometimes a chaotic period?
I truly believe in being present in mind, body and spirit each and every day. I don’t want to look back and realized I missed out on meaningful time with my children because I was dwelling on something in the past, or focusing on what I couldn’t control in the future. To be present is to live each day to the fullest.

How should a new mom handle all of the parenting advice she might receive?
During your parenting journey, you’re going to get all sorts of counseling—from your family, your friends, your coworkers, your neighbors, you name it. There is (of course!) more than one way to parent, so make sure you develop your own style. Integrate the best of what you’ve learned, and then make it your own. Trust that God gave you the inherent wisdom to make decisions. We may not always get our desired outcome, but no decision is wrong if we choose to learn something from it.

Why is it so important that new mothers take the time to take care of themselves?
Some see this as selfish; I see this as an integral part of being an extraordinary mother. If you feel like you don’t matter, and don’t care for your inner core, what kind of example are you setting for your child? I regularly set up time to pamper myself; my children know that I am a happier and better mom because of it. When your children see you happy and healthy, then they will be happy and healthy.

About Loren Slocum

Loren Slocum, a mother of three, author, businesswoman and international speaker, is the founder and CEO of Lobella International (lobella.com), an organization that inspires women to stay true to who they are. The author of “The Greatest Love: Being an Extraordinary Mom,” Loren is committed to helping women realize their natural gifts and talents.

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