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Hush Little Baby...

So we’re all counting down the days until the Sex and the City movie comes out. This TV show has infiltrated our culture in such a way that it seems just about everything in life reminds us of something we saw in an episode.
Take being a new mom. There are a lot of times when we don’t have a clue what we’re doing. When Miranda couldn’t get Brady to stop crying, it took another mother in her building to show her the way – a miraculous vibrating baby chair.
This moment in the episode taught us two things (really, everything you learned came from "Sex and the City," right?): one, that it is essential to get advice from other parents who’ve been there before, through friends, family or online parent networking sites; and two, that you sometimes have to try a lot of different approaches before you can get your baby to stop crying.
An extensive article on the latter can be found at AskDrSears.com. There you can find information on why your baby is crying and tons of baby-soothing methods. There are some you’ve probably heard of, like letting them hear running water or feel vibrations, but there are also some innovative ideas such as tape recording your baby’s cry, then playing it back to them at the onset of crying to surprise them into silence.
Have you had any success with out-of-the-ordinary soothing methods? Share your stroke of brilliance with us (please!).

Posted: 5/22/08

I found wearing my baby put her right to sleep. She is 7 months old. When she gets fussy for what I think is no reason, I strap her on and go for a walk. She is close to me, she is rocked gently by my walking and my arms and back don't start hurting after 15 min or so.
After she is asleep, I have both arms to do what ever I want.
My favorite way to carry her is a Moby wrap. It spreads her weight across my entire back and all the way across my sholders. Other carriers do not do this, especally the front ones sold in big box stores. They only have a narrow (4 in or so) strap to carry the weight. My wrap is 22 in that crosses my back both ways.

  • By rewoif
  • on 5/26/08 3:23 PM EST