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Congratulations! It's a Brain!

If spending hours a day saying things like “coochie coochie coo”, “ba-ba”, “blankie wankie” and other baby talk babble leaves you feeling mindless by bedtime, fear not. You're actually getting smarter!
In her book The Mommy Brain, Katherine Ellison cites research which shows that motherhood increases a woman’s mental capacity in many ways (we know your sleep-deprived mind can hardly imagine it, but stay with us here.) Because being a mother is the most challenging job of a woman’s life, women are biologically programmed to rise to the occasion. Some ways in which a mother’s mind improves are increased alertness, empathy and efficiency.
Chemicals are released into a mother’s brain that allow her to have superpowers—like risking her life for her child, and multi-tasking like nobody’s business. While some of these brain transformations, such as heightened sensory awareness, only seem to last until a baby is grown up, other super mom powers, like greater empathy and assertiveness, seem to remain with a woman well after her bird has left the nest.
Have you noticed an increase in your brainpower since giving birth? What new mom superpowers have you acquired?

Posted: 5/19/08

It seems true what they say..."women hold up the sky." Keep it up, ladies! You are amazing.

  • By Kiki76
  • on 5/23/08 9:23 PM EST

I started law shcool 9 mos. pregnant with daughter #1 and finished 3.5 yrs later when daughter #2 was less than 6 months old. I passed the bar first try right afer #2 turned 1. Smarter? Maybe! Motivated, flexible, alert to needs versus wants, oh yeah.


This is all so true, I can now do the dishes, feed the baby, answer the phone, feed the dogs, make bottles, all at the same time and still get my homework done and get to work on time. I definitely learned to manage my time better and look forward to the future and prepare for the future.
-new Mom of Starr(almost 4 months)

  • By sgoode1
  • on 5/23/08 9:32 AM EST