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Young Adults and Addiction: The Benefits of Inpatient Care

For many young people, drug use and experimentation is a rite of passage of sorts. However, experimenting with drugs and alcohol is far from harmless, and can often result in lifelong...

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Michael Anthony

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Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss

Entrepreneur and best-selling author of The 4-Hour Workweek

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M.J. Ryan

Creator of the Random Acts of Kindness series

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Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!


Today is the day you’ve decided to live a happier life! Happy people feel better, live longer and healthier and are more successful in life. Outside of quick-fix gratification, happiness often seems a distant and unattainable goal. It’s not! The good news is that you can become happier; all you need to do is make the effort.

Over the next 30 days, you will:

  • Pinpoint what happiness means to you.
  • Change the habits that make you unhappy.
  • Overcome any emotions that stop you from being truly happy.
  • Make an effort to live happier every day.

If you take it one day at a time with our happiness tips, you can achieve a noticeable increase in your level of happiness in the first 30 days and beyond. All it takes is practice. Need help getting started?

DID YOU KNOW? While anxiety and stress have long been linked with negative health effects, British researchers at University College London have found that being happy protects against cardiovascular disease, diabetes, autoimmune deficiencies and stress-related illnesses. Bonus!

Posted: 3/25/17
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We need to make an effort to be happy, even during hard time.


I want a fresh start, a new and happier life. I need to take the first step but get bogged down by depression and my home which is dire need of improvement/repairs. What is the best first step to take?


I need to start my life over again and I am fearful of this change. It has blocked me for 4 months now and I need help!!


Thank U for this powerful tips on happiness. I am persuing it now on.