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Nataly Kogan

Nataly Kogan

Co-founder/CEO of an online community for working moms called...

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Janet Chan

Janet Chan

Editor-in-chief of Parenting magazine and editorial director...

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Nancy Collamer

Nancy Collamer

Career transitions expert, jobs and moms pro for Oxygen Media...

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Answer:Great Mother is Real... I am Aisha Kun and i want to testify about Great Mother how she cured me of hiv aids. I was diagnosed of this disease some time...
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Answer:My fiancee is in the military and I can only tell you from what i have seen with his niece. I know, not the same as a daughter, but she is a wee-one...
Answered by C_Wachten More»
Answer:I definitely would - just to make sure everything is okay. And especially if the person is watching a baby that can't tell you if something weird is...
Answered by lindad14 More»
Answer:It was harder than I expected it to be. I was still breastfeeding and, had to pump in between meetings and felt like 80% of my focus was on my baby...
Answered by Rosario More»
Answer:Rosario -- I personally used to travel a lot for work and did not bring my daughter with me. But I know people who have -- a friend used to bring her...
Answered by Nataly More»
Answer:I've heard that meditation and visualization are supposed to be very helpful to get milk flowing. I also hear that looking at a picture of your baby...
Answered by jeanfroner More»
Answer:I hated to go back to work after having my daughter but I did and after the first week I realized that it helps a lot. You aren't home asking yourself...
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