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Question:Decorating on the cheap?

My apartment is very bachelor-ish. I have a couch and a TV, but I don't have a dining room set or curtains. I have a bed, but no frame or matching drawers. I wonder if I'd feel more grounded if home felt more like a home. Does that makes sense?

Anyway, on my list of things for '09 is a little home decorating. Nothing too extravagant or anything, but just a few things here and there to help make it feel more like home. Any ideas on how to do this without breaking the bank? Here's what I'm thinking I want.

- Curtains
- Throw Pillows
- Dining room set
- Bedroom set (frame and dressers)
- Bookshelf
- DVD shelf

Any ideas on cheap things to throw in with these? Thanks for your input!

Asked by Kristy101081 on 12/28/08 Answer»