"I am very taken by Ariane's concept and the philosophy of the website. In any case, I just loved the idea and am glad to chance upon it while reading Oprah." -Marion
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Vern Yip

Vern Yip

Designer for TLC's hit show "Trading Spaces"

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Susan Serra

Susan Serra

Certified kitchen designer and NKBA member

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Janice Anne Costa

Janice Anne Costa

Editor of Kitchen and Bath Design News

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Answer:I love really open floor plans, so that if you're cooking the kitchen, you are facing the living room, or table, or anything but a wall! So that you...
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Answer:Additionally it's a great way to find out what doesn't work. Face it, how many times have you seen another person's home and wondered "why would anyone...
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Answer:When I made the move from rentals to my own home that I could paint what ever color I wanted I was clueless on what to do. My best friend went with...
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Answer:That's a great question! I'd imagine lots of fresh fruits and veggies would be in order since cooking would be more challenging. Did anyone set up a...
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Answer:I really like Flip That House (on TLC i think?), though they don't really go into too much in the design details. However I did learn that kitchens...
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