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The '12 Days of Christmas' Price Tag

The '12 Days of Christmas' Price Tag

"On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me..."

And so begins the song of someone who receives lots of unnecessary gifts (I can't tell you how many times I've had to smile brightly and say "Gee, thanks! I can't have enough maids-a-milking!") from the one they love. It's actually the perfect example of the consumerism that's gotten us into monstrous debt. The song truly depicts America's obsession with "stuff," even during the holiday season when it's supposed to be about spending time with our loved ones, not about who can spend the most money.

I digress.

The worth of the Christmas carol has been calculated since 1984, but this year's grand total has the romantics cringing.This year's net worth of the '12 Days of Christmas' comes to a grand total of ... drum roll, please....$86,609. Inflation has driven prices up nearly 11% from last year's total leaving us all at a loss. (I think it's the price of gold.) Any way we can make it two or three golden rings instead of five?

If you want to go all out and give that special someone the items from the song, you'll either have to pony up the dough (and likely suffer someone's wrath if they don't have room for ten lords-a-leapin') or just get a little creative. Instead of two turtledoves, try two Dove chocolate bars. Rather than forking over the dough for the 11 pipers piping, find a CD with Scottish bagpipe songs.

After all, creativity is how we're going to get through these lean financial times, right? No sense going into greater debt just to present the one you love with seven swans-a-swimming ... unless you've got a pond out back.

Happy Holidays! -Kristy Young

Posted: 12/8/08

Ha! I never knew the worth of “The 12 Days of Christmas” was actually calculated. I must say, I'm not surprised at the price tag! And yes, creativity is going to be what gets us through these lean times, which is actually a blessing when you think about it. I know my brain could use a little exercise when it comes to ingenuity!