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Dr. Bankole Johnson

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Damian O’Hara

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Dr. Cheryl Healton

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Benefits of Quitting

Quitting smoking is never fun, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. Instead of scaring you with statistics about how you might die sooner from smoking cigarettes, we hope to inspire you with this list of benefits for quitting smoking:
* You’ll save up to $5 a pack from not smoking. If you smoke a pack a day, you’d be saving over $1800 a year.
* After 10 years of being smoke free, you chance of having cigarette-related cancers (lung, throat, mouth) is reduced to a similar risk for someone who has never smoked.
* Between two months and nine months after you quit smoking, the coughing, shortness of breath and exhaustion that you’re accustomed to will gradually lift.
* Your friends are more likely to say, “Hey, you and your breath/apartment/clothes don’t wreak of cigarettes anymore. Want to hang out some more?”
* You’ll be able to walk up and down stairs without losing your breath.
* You’ll notice the smell of flowers, the smell of your significant other and the smell of food. Hey! You’ll be getting a sense back!
* You’ll be able to heckle all the smokers and talk them into quitting.
* If you’re living in a state that doesn’t allow smoking in bars and restaurants, you’ll actually get in more conversation time with your friends instead of freezing outside trying to get a puff.
There are many more benefits to quitting smoking that we could list, but many are very personal. What are your personal benefits for quitting smoking?  

Posted: 4/11/08

Today is day 15 of being smoke-free after 2o years of smoking. I can already feel the benefits: deeper breathes, more energy, more self-confidence. The list goes on and on. Take one day at a time. You can do it!!

  • By honey37
  • on 4/21/08 8:03 AM EST