"I don't have any support from anyone, so this has really become a source of strength for me. Thank you." -Annette
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The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of


Flipping through travel magazines always inspired Atlanta lawyer Melinda Renshaw, who kept a list of dream destinations for herself and her husband Suneel.

Although they assumed it would take years of planning, not long after their research began the couple’s dream became a reality: The duo recently returned from a six-month global tour.

Like Melinda and Suneel, if you’ve pinpointed your life’s ambition, you’ve already accomplished half the battle. We're not saying it will be easy—after all, your dream may be a six-month tour or something much more sizeable and time-consuming—but that doesn't mean you can't reach for it!

Your Dream, Defined

The first step to living your dreams is to define what you hope to accomplish. Seriously ask yourself: “What do I dream about doing with my life right now?” You may have toyed with one or many ideas, so seize this opportunity to take the future into your own hands and run with something big.

Set aside time to define and write down your ideas in a dream journal. When you write in your journal, be specific; forget about undefined and abstract goals like “fame” and “fortune.” This is just for you, so don't be shy! Nothing is out of bounds when dreaming.

Of course, living your dreams takes more than journaling, adds Leslie Levine, author of Wish It, Dream It, Do It: Turn the Life You’re Living into the Life You Want. “Your dream might be very, very big,” says Levine. “So it’s really essential to believe in yourself.”

The thought of hard work didn’t deter Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Meredith Brooks, best known for her anthem “Bitch.” Following the birth of her son, she was inspired to record her first children’s album, “If I Could Be…,” and produce a music festival for kids. “I didn’t go to sleep when the idea for the festival started hitting me,” she says. “I saw the vision completely.” Brooks ran with that vision and you can move forward with yours too. Getting going is largely a matter of time and space.

Posted: 12/20/07

Dreams inspire and teach others that anything is possible. Dreams offer hope of a better tomorrow. I'm drawn to the rainforests of the world. There is something lifechanging about the rainforests and saving them is the most important thing we can do.

  • By Egerer
  • on 10/17/10 5:57 AM EST

In the last 5 years, it seems like whatever I have done, it has back fired. I have just quit my job, because I was always getting put down. So I have decide I am going to start doing my dream. Start a daycare.


After my divorce, I read a wonderful book called "Write it Down, Make it Happen" . I was broke, squandering my savings so that I could go back to school and get a teaching certificate and I was LOOOWWW.
I paused, reflected and wrote down everything I wanted in life. It seemed out of reach and impossible considering the reality of where I was.
I wanted a house big enough for my kids, I wanted a car, I wanted to blow bubbles off the Eiffel Tower, I wanted a job that made $40k a year. It all seemed out of reach. I wrote it and I tucked it away.
My parents bought a new car and gave me theirs, I got a job that made $46,222 a year, my 6 year old son noticed an empty house nearby and I wrote a note to the owners and moved in (brand new house, gorgeous neighborhood, low rent), and less than six months later I found myself on the Eiffel Tower at night blowing bubbles off towards the Seine. You know what--- it was even more incredible than I imagined. My daughter stood there with me, and we watched those bubbles spin and swirl and sparkle off into space.
On that day, I did more than make my own dreams come true. I taught my daughter how to dream. She wanted a car. I had no extra money to give her and no way to make it happen and all I could tell her was to write it down, print out a picture and see herself in a new car. Less than a month later,she was given a decked out car as a graduation present. True stories. No fabrication or hyperbole. Write it down. Write down how you will feel when you get what you want. See it and refuse to let any thought enter your head that undermines your dream.
Don't share it and don't even hint at it. Other people will often crush your dreams trying to impose their realities onto your world. Tend to your dreams and tuck them away and before you know it, you will have what you truly seek.
I hope that your dreams come true and you dream magnificently! What's the point in dreaming small? Dream BIG!! Dream as if you deserve every wonderful experience, feeling and luxury life has to offer--- because actually---you do.


The first time I met my high school guidance counselor she asked what I wanted to do after college (big assumption) and when I replied, "Play pro football." she laughed out loud. Three years later Tufts University offered me a scholarship. My football coach misplaced the application and when he finally sent it in, in April, Tufts replied that they'd love to have me on the team but all the scholarships had already been assigned.
Dream sunk, and kept on the bottom by the weight of knowing that men in authority were incompetent jerks, an impression easily reinforced during the Vietnam war.
Thirty years later I was living on a small sailboat, as excited as a ten year old kid stepping onto a raft with Huck Finn and when an old salt told me "You could easily sail this down to the Carribean." it was fireworks, BOOM, dreaming again with great vigor. Yes!
Shortly thereafter I got a phone call. My youngest son, 16, was getting, well his older brother thought it was really my job to 'straighten the kid out' so I anchored my dream and moved in with the two boys and my former wife. Within a month I had twice stood toe to toe with the older boy, "Let's go out back and settle this like men" (he must have shared his father's opinion of men in authority) so, having come to my senses, I quietly went out back, got in the car and headed toward the marina. Let's hoist anchor!
Before I could even park the car my daughter called. "Dad, I'm pregnant! It's so reassuring to have you right next door since Mike works nights." Torpedoed amidships, dead in the water.
Five years later, my daughter, son-in-law, and two granddaughters are planning on building a house and moving. I know that my dream is out there somewhere, drifting, but I can't muster any enthusiasm for getting her shipshape again. Why bother, the best I can hope for is to be a good martyr but not remind everyone about it constantly (Mother Issues? How dare you.).
So, anyone have any personal experience with dream resurrection which you'd be willing to share?

  • By oldgold
  • on 8/19/08 9:44 AM EST

My dream isn't big, it's being free! Free! FREE!!

For instance, if I can't sleep in the night, get up & do laundry, or clean, or cook without being questioned as to "why."

Free & go as I please, & not have to answer to anyone.

Eating what works for me, & not having to justify my choices.

Singing, playing the Native American drum or flute, without any comments.

To meditate uninterrupted, peacefully!

Coming home from a delightful day & not hear "where did you go, what did you do, who did you see, who were you with, what did you talk about, what did you eat?"

Not having to listen to incessant, negative talk, talk, talk.

Not having to justify everything I do, say, think feel -- just because its different to another's believes.

As I started to really discover who I am becoming and to change -- I began to dream the dream of FREEDOM!!

Now I am creating the dream --day by day, step by step! YEA!!


My dream (Vision) came to me 20 years ago, is God inspired which makes it a "call to mission" not just a dream, and now, just over the past year and a half, doors have started to open to have it become reality. It's not about me but rather the Lord using me and my talents to fulfill His call to rescue "At Risk Kids", feed the multitudes, and bridge the many rifts in our world's humanity (It's a larger dream so it's taking a little longer to accomplish). Progress has been directly proportional to my availability to heed His call. The needs are real, Evergreen Farms (the vehicle) is well defined, a plan of action is in place, and all required technology readily available to accomplish the mission. After reading this article and comments by others I am inspired to get on with the program. I filled Chap. 7 bankruptcy yesterday to close one chapter in my life so we can begin the Evergreen journey. All aboard!!

Advice: Your "WID,WID" is very important and will sustain you on your journey i.e. "Why I do, What I do" . Also be aware of and protect against Satan's CIA i.e. Complacency, Indifference, & Apathy. Fred Howard, Evergreen Farms Intl. & CHOSENrescue


It is true, if you want dreams to come true, you have to act on them. I have been in the radio and video scene for over 15+years, never could get to far, except in the local community. But, I did make a small name for myself there. Everyone knows 'The Angel', whether they know what I look like or not. They know my name, and my voice, and most of my work. Of course the dream is to be bigger than that, and I want control of the dream. I never want to be a subject of profit for someone else's dream, unless it is in my control. In other words, I don't want to be owned by anyone. I am very talented in what I do, and I know what I am doing. It works well for the community end of things, because I am giving something to the people, and loving it. Course, theres no money in doing that, and most times people take advantage of my 'Good Doings'. So, the dream is too be respected for what I do, and bring all my talents to the forefront, and be paid for my work. I am sure there is more to my dream, than meets the eyes, ears, and minds of everyone out there, but have to start somewhere, to make it a reality. Therefore, I am putting it out there. Angel7Productions-Radio/Tv Producer.
Thanks for the push, and insight. I am going to 'Now' make my dreams come true.