Julia Stoel-Legro

on Pursuing Your Dreams
Founder and CEO of YES!Works

Favorite Cheer!


What is the belief you personally go to in times of change?

‘Into the open hand falls freedom.' In other words, I am not naturally good with change, but I try to relax in the process and experience all the positive new things that change brings.

The best thing about change is…

New ideas and mindsets.

What is the best change you have ever made?

To name three: moving to another country, which gave me wings; becoming a mother, which put everything into perspective; and finally, leaving a successful corporate career to pursue my dream of starting my own company, which brings me balance and joy on a daily basis.

Advice on Change

Look ahead. Nothing will happen unless you make the decision to move forward. Instead of looking back, plan ahead how you would like things to be. Take small, concrete and challenging steps towards your dream life. Focus initially on activities that boost your energy. Be specific about what you want and put a timeline on your goals to make sure that you make progress in the right direction. Forward you go!

Create the right circumstances. There is never going to be the right moment or enough time to pursue your dreams. In other words, you will never feel safe enough or ready enough to do what you want. Truth is you need to create the right circumstances. Do what is possible for you to make your dreams come true, even if it just by making time for 15 minutes a day during your coffee break.

Team up. Behind every success is a network of helping hands. Nobody achieves success on their own. Look at your role models. There is always a family member, a mentor or a friend that has contributed to their success. Find a team of supporters to help you get what you want in life. Share your dreams and help each other in achieving them. Go dream team go!

Dream big, work harder. Dreams won’t come true unless you actively pursue them. And this is hard work. Treat your dreams as priority-projects. Get organized, schedule weekly to do’s in your agenda, read up on role-models and meet with your dream team. Be proactive. Design your work schedule to fit the natural rhythms of your mind and body. And very important, don’t forget to play! So give yourself a day off every now and then to recharge.

Celebrate. Keep the fun in your dreams. So laugh at yourself. Have a good time and be happy with what you've done each day and whom you've done it with, because that in itself is a worthy contribution to this world. Reward yourself for every milestone that you reach. Small rewards for small milestones- a banana-muffin for getting out of bed today? And big rewards for big milestones--a complete make-over in light of the new you? Go on you’ve earned it!

About Julia Stoel-Legro

Julia Stoel-Legro (LL.M) is an experienced life coach, freelance writer and full-time creative spirit. She worked successfully in the international corporate arena for renowned companies, such as Royal Wessanen and Booz Allen Hamilton where she advised top managers and strategic consultants.

In 2006 Julia started her own company, YES!Works. Julia's style of coaching and writing has been described as inspiring, stimulating and practical. Her honest and open approach allows the awakening of the creative soul, whilst gaining true insight into oneself and undertaking constructive action. Besides coaching and hosting the Dream Team workshops(c), Julia is dedicated to creating uplifting products and services that energize, nurture the soul and stimulate youthful enthusiasm.

After having lived in Spain and The United Kingdom, Julia moved to Amsterdam, The Netherlands where she now lives with her husband Dan, their two young children and nine fish of different size and color.