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Rhonda Britten on Pursuing Your Dreams

Rhonda Britten on Pursuing Your Dreams

Rhonda Britten has overcome a tragic childhood to become a best-selling author and international speaker, the founder of the Fearless Living Institute and a life coach for three seasons on the Emmy Award–winning reality TV series, “Starting Over.” The New York Times named her “America’s Favorite Life Coach,” and she is considered a leader in the human-potential movement. Britten has also written a number of bestselling books, including Fearless Living and Change Your Life in 30 Days. Here, Britten shares her insights on pursuing a dream.

How did you come to pursue your dream?

My dream chose me. I had no desire to be a life coach, but if it’s really what you’re meant to do, it keeps knocking at your door. And that’s what happened to me. Life coaching kept showing up in my life over and over again. I finally had the courage to put my judgments aside and accept the dream that was meant to be mine.

What do you tell people who procrastinate?

People who procrastinate are stuck in fear. They label themselves procrastinators, but they’re often petrified of growing up. Whether they call it the fear of success or the fear of failure, it’s really the fear of being fully responsible for every aspect of life because then there is no one else to blame. Procrastination is a symptom, not the problem. Responsibility is the cure.

What holds people back from pursuing a dream?

Most people are waiting for a dream, and then they’ll work hard. If you’re not investing in the life you have by developing your skills, accepting what you love and owning your inner strength, you won’t be prepared to handle the dream that’s meant for you. Before you can really embrace your dream, you must quit being bitter, quit being resentful, quit begrudging what and where you are, and love what you’re doing, no matter what.

What’s the most rewarding part of pursuing a dream?

You learn to trust yourself when you pursue your dream. It gives you a sense of freedom that very few people experience. I know that whatever I choose to do, I will do it, whether it’s opening a restaurant, reaching out to a CEO, or getting into politics. There’s nothing greater than watching a soul unfold—and when it happens to be your own, it’s awe inspiring. To be inside that passion all day, and to live that passion through every action you take and every word you say, is absolutely the most incredible thing. It leaves me speechless.

Are more people today pursuing their dreams?

I think we have reached a point in our economic development as a nation that we can contemplate pursuing our dreams. If you’re in survival mode, your time is spent taking care of your basic needs and you have little time to think about the future. Now dreaming has become a national pastime, but unless you’re in action and developing your self-confidence, those dreams can paralyze you, keeping you stuck in wishing, waiting and hoping.

What myths and beliefs get in the way of our dreams?

Most people believe it takes a lot of time and money to make dreams happen; people say that to me all day long. I started my business with $20. People also think they should quit their jobs and just go for it, but I’m against it. If you’re running way from the life you have, you won’t learn everything you need to pursue your dream.

How can parents teach their kids to become dreamers?

The greatest disservice parents do is spoil their children instead of teaching them the value of hard work and long-term satisfaction. Our culture is all about quick fixes. What parents are unconsciously teaching their children is that dreams aren’t worth the effort and time.

For more information on Rhonda Britten, visit www.fearlessliving.com.

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