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Richard Nelson Bolles

Richard Nelson Bolles

Renowned author of the What Color Is Your Parachute? Series

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Bradley Richardson

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Tanya Flynn

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Answer:I certainly hope that I don't have too much difficulty finding another job because of our company's outsourcing. This is a very uncertain time for...
Answered by dianenwest More»
Answer:Healthcare!! Anything in the medical industry is a wise choice right now. Healthcare is one of the only industries that is continuing to grow as others...
Answered by jobjotter More»
Answer:my mother is a nurse and I've watched her work all my life. she has always had a job (sometimes 2 or 3 -- not sure that's so good :)
Answered by Ashley_Rutledge More»
Answer:It sounds like you have two things to tackle now or in the near futureā€”a new place to live and a new job. I'm guessing you want or need to move from...
Answered by VictoriaB More»
Answer:I have also been having a very difficult time. I have never been without employment since I was 15 and I'm 45. I was laid off as well and was devastated...
Answered by giapooh More»
Answer:I was just laid off in May due to a reduction in force as they put it. I had been working for the company for almost 16 years. Didn't see it coming...
Answered by clr4712 More»