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Question:I am newly divorced. Soon both of my children will be in college. Where do I go? Don't own my house...and need work. But, how do I decide where to resettle?

Asked by greear on 3/24/08 1 Answer»


It sounds like you have two things to tackle now or in the near future—a new place to live and a new job. I'm guessing you want or need to move from your home because you cannot afford to keep the house any longer and/or maintaining a home for just yourself is not something you want to do. Sometimes, downsizing can be a good thing, giving you the time to focus on what's really important to you as you discard of old or bad memories and things that just don't fit your current lifestyle. Look on the move as a positive opportunity to start a new life.

Depending on how close you are to your children and/or where they might be going away to school, you might want to consider moving to a place that will be convenient for visits to make it easier to stay close to your children. You also might want to consider looking for work in a new and different place. If you would move anywhere ... you could conceivably move to a place where jobs are plenty or where a particular industry that you like is taking hold or where your favorite company is ... and you might pitch yourself to that company and get them to move you!

Anything is possible when you have options ahead of you like you do right now. Try to see these changes as opportunities for growth and development and not something negative that has to be endured.

Here's some advice from our founder, who is the Chief Change Optimist:

There is always someone who needs your skills no matter what. If you believe you have value to add, are worthy, capable, can contribute something—a company will be lucky to have you—they will sense that energy and belief when they meet you.

Find a place where you love the people, where you can be yourself, where you can contribute. When you feel your life has meaning, lots of things fall into place. You start loving yourself more, your body, your life.

There is plenty of information out there, people that can help—tell everyone you know what you are looking for, ask who they know....notice all the signs life will throw your way to get you quickly on track.

Good luck. And remember the acronym, IDIA for I DESERVE IT ALL. Yes you do.

Answered by: VictoriaB on 3/25/08
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