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Job Loss Relief?

There’s a careful optimism growing in the employment world these days. The stock market is up, the dollar is up and there’s news today that the unemployment rate has gone down to 5% this month. And though the number of jobs lost in April hovered around 20,000, that number is much lower than they were expecting.

Hooray! The economy is working again! Let’s all have a drink to celebrate!

Not so fast. We’re not out of the woods yet. If you’re reading this post, you're probably still dealing with a job loss and you’re not ready to ring the victory bell yet. But all this news is pretty hopeful, right?

Do you think the job market will turn around soon or is the worst yet to come? [Associated Press]

Posted: 5/2/08

I just lost my job three weeks ago. I thought it was the job of my dreams when I first started working. (health care industry). A former employee (who happened to be a friend to my supervisor) returned and all of a sudden my supervisor found fault with all of my work and I was terminated. I feel like I was thrown to the curb like a bag of trash. I am seeking new employment but it is so hard.


I was hired as a tax preparer for one of the newest and biggest growing tax prep firms after attending tax school for 3months. I did the rush season for them-January-February, and then they fired me. They said I was not their companies type of employee, because I did not get on board with their pricing system. Interesting. I didn't even know how much a tax prep would cost until I prepared a customers taxes. I feel used and abused, and can't seem to bounce back from being fired after so much time of studying and learning the new tax laws.


I was laid off because of minority business in our area. I hired with a company that I truly love and wanted to retire with. However this company is hired by a city. The city requires x amount of dollars to go to minority business. So my whole department was let go to allow a minority business to do our job. I am a minority. So go figure this one out.


As the saying goes, "Nothing lasts forever." All anyone can do at this point is keep their head up and continue plugging away at the job market. Eventually, we all get what we want, it's just that we have to dig around to get that thing.