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I gained weight, but I'm OK with it.


After weeks of avoiding my scale I just decided to jump on it this morning and accept whatever it said. Granted, I lost hearing and time stopped when I saw the number, but it was a brief moment of panic and now I'm over it. Though I'm annoyed that I undid months of work to lose that weight I just gained back, I didn't beat myself up (for the first time in my life) and told my husband that after a planned "last meal" we are going to go back to Weight Watchers and get on track.

It's all about getting back up when you're down. To anyone else out there who gained weight over the holidays, absolve yourselves of the guilt (or heck, I'll do it right now for you) and get on that weight loss train!

Shared by Cwolf112 on 12/30/08

I love the upbeat attitude Cwolf. I recently threw my scale out...ok, not really, I just put it up very high...because I was obsessing too much and then beating myself up. I've decided that instead of worrying about what the scale has to say, I'm just going to keep doing the things that I need to do to be healthy. Me and the girls at work have entered a 5k run, so we've started training for that this week and now that the holidays are over, I've reduced my food intake. It'll all come together. Good for you for not beating yourself up!


Hey! That's perfect encouragement for me as I've been feeling my pants getting tighter and tighter. I keep telling myself that I'll stabilize when life gets back to its regular pace.

  • By alegria
  • on 12/30/08 1:49 PM EST

That's a great attitude, CWolf112. It's easy to get down about something like weight gain, but then we realize that feeling blue is not going to bring forth positive change. Enjoy a yummy meal and get back on track -- sounds like a good plan to me! Congratulations on staying in the right frame of mind.