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Try the Morning Banana Diet!


Apparently this is hugely popular with girls in japan: Link

You eat a banana and room temperature water in the morning, eat anything you like for lunch and dinner (by 8 p.m.). A three o'clock snack is okay, but no desserts after meals, and you have to go to bed before midnight.

All the grocery stores in japan are out of bananas because this diet is so popular. It actually sounds like it makes sense to me. They're essentially just telling girls to eat breakfast, so try it!

Shared by AnnieChance on 10/17/08

I don't know about this. More studies have shown that we should always have our biggest meal in the morning (remember the phrase "part of a complete breakfast?") and our smallest meal for dinner. Most of us (me included on most days) don't do this. My favorite breakfast is whole wheat waffles with a little bit of peanut butter and fresh fruit topped with light syrup. I have a big glass of orange juice and coffee to go with it. It's actually really fast and totally doable before work most mornings.

I say use this for a diet plan: "Eat like a king for breakfast, a prince for lunch, and a pauper for dinner."


i might give this a try since it's pretty easy and i love bananas!


Fruit does tend to feel filling because of all the water. I actually used to do a variation of this in high school, but cut out lunch entirely. =bad

  • By aliciak
  • on 10/17/08 2:59 PM EST