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Save 100 Calories, Save Your Diet

If making a few easy food swaps could help you lose the one to two pounds a year that the average American gains as a result of excess calorie consumption, would you do it?

Of course you would!

So, hold the cheese and choose grilled instead of butter, and you’ll be a sexy momma (or poppa) in no time. Piece of cake—or maybe angel food cake—right?

Here's some suggestions you can start using today:

*Enjoy 12 large cocktail shrimp instead of eating a crab cake. Calories saved: 155

*Trade a 12-oz can of regular cola for diet soda. Calories saved: 145

*Dilute your juice by mixing 4 oz with 4 oz of water. Cranberry juice and water makes for a refreshing thirst-quencher! Calories saved: 100 to 120 (if you drink two cups a day)

*Go check out a new flick, but leave the butter off the popcorn. Calories saved: 180 (for a small)

*Learn to share and save your waistline by sharing a Snickers bar with a friend. Calories saved: 140

*Skip the bread when you eat out. Calories saved: 150 (for one slice of French bread with butter)

*Pick angel food cake over devil’s food cake. Angel food cake has no fat or cholesterol. Calories saved: 120

These trade-offs may seem minor, but doctors say a few slight diet tweaks can be huge when it comes to trimming extra body weight.

We want to hear from you: What tricks have you tried to help reduce spare calories? [Women’s Day]

Posted: 5/13/08