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Is Moo Juice Fattening or Not?

Sorry everyone, we’re about to confuse you on diet trends even more than you already are.   

Remember when everyone was hyping how consuming dairy was the new answer to losing weight? Now, that’s apparently not true. A review of several studies concluded that eating a significant amount of milk products actually promotes weight gain, not weight loss.

The most semi-shocking news to come out of this review? It claims that all the studies that said dairy promotes weight loss were funded by the dairy industry.

Try to contain your frustration for a minute because we’re about to drop something else on you. According to this Los Angeles Times blog post, this particular review was done by a company that doesn’t believe that dairy should be a part of anyone’s diet.

The question is, do you care? Will this study lead you to make dietary changes, or is it just a lot of noise? [latimes.com]

Posted: 5/2/08

Dairy products are high in fat and cholesterol and are devoid of fiber. I just read the book "Fit for Life and Not Fat For Life". It has a whole chapter on dairy. Excellent Book!!

  • By Suzi212
  • on 5/10/08 8:27 PM EST

I have struggled with "adult acne" for the last five years or so, after having been blessed with clear, nice skin in my teen years. My high school friends were a bit envious of my lack of pimples. I have been in participating in a 12 step food addiction program that requires you to eat 8 oz. of plain yogurt for breakfast every day, and to make a daily phone call to report what food you will eat that day. I stopped worrying about the calls last week, and haven't eaten any yogurt, and my face is clear!! Looks to me like there may be a connection between dairy and my skin flare ups!


I have a girlfriend who drinks 4-5 gallons of milk a week and probably one of the most unhealthy people I know. She eats ok but gets 0 exercise cuz she has no energy. myself, maybe a guart a year.

  • By Nuffer
  • on 5/5/08 12:40 PM EST

Hi 1babygirl...
Have you read "You on a Diet"? It is an excellent book that talks on our level and really puts a lot of diet myths in their proper place. When you 'starve' yourself, you are actually causing more harm than good. You body goes into starvation mode and burns less fat. This book gives you a fourteen day guideline to follow...plan...recipes...it is an excellent help for all who want to lose weight.


that is very wrong, for a very long time i tough dairy products was weight loss like yougourt & so on.i have a big complex of being fat, ther is nothing that works for me, i starved my self, i eat very little, please help me.