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Blood, Gore and...Chowing Down?

Blood, Gore and...Chowing Down?

You would think that stomach-turning murders and hanging-on-the-edge-of-your-seat crimes scenes would turn off the average viewer’s appetite, not to mention make them a bit queasy for the evening.
But an interesting new study in the Journal of Consumer Research shows that people who watch “Law & Order,” “Cold Case,” “CSI” and similar shows might be at risk for stuffing their faces and shopping ‘til they drop.
It sounds like a scary ending to a murder mystery...one that leaves you with a big behind and a maxed-out credit card. But the study, titled “Sweet Escape,” shows that people who enjoy programs that highlight doom are reminded of their own imminent death, therefore leading them to spend and eat more.
Like any good investigation, there are alternate theories. Some doctors think mania, bipolar conditions and several other psychological reasons, like anxiety, as reasons for overconsuming. A need for distraction or to fill a void, or even a history of obesity, all play a part.  
We’re curious: Have you ever felt the urge to overeat or buy things online after watching "Law and Order?" [MSNBC]

Posted: 9/11/08

Are they sure it isn't the ads during the shows? Anyone check on those? I love my crime shows (NCIS, Law and Order and CSI). I don't usually eat my way through them. But I can't help but notice that every other ad is about food, candy or going out to eat! Brain washing.


Haha, too funny. I only watch The Office and football, and for the latter, I MUST munch. It's all about the bar snacky food, but luckily, I love making healthy bean dips with pita, so it's not all bad!

  • By aliciak
  • on 10/2/08 12:19 AM EST

Hmm, I'm all about the "CSI" series, and come to think of it, if I'm munching on something while I'm watching, I probably do eat more. However, I notice that I tend to eat more whenever I'm eating in front of the TV so I try not to do it. Or if I do want to watch TV and eat, I make sure it's portion-controlled.


Such a bummer, right? I am die-hard Law & Order fan! But I haven't noticed any extreme urges to eat or shop ... hope that never happens because I cannot give up my SVU (or Criminal Intent or good old Law & Order). Kristen, interesting thoughts about America's Next Top Model ... that's a way to restrict your eating! Ha, ha! (:


I have the opposite problem—especially when watching America's Next Top Model. Any studies on that?

  • By kristen
  • on 9/11/08 5:20 PM EST

I wonder if this applies to other TV shows, not just crime dramas? I always have the urge to stuff my face during Jeopardy.


I'm going to have to reevaluate my TV watching habits after this!

  • By Karadc
  • on 9/11/08 1:58 PM EST