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Kathryn Howard

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Sharon Janis

Author of Secrets of Spiritual Happiness

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Richard D. Blackstone

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You may already feel a connection to an intangible, omnipresent force (often called God or the Divine), through a regular religious practice or a general spiritual outlook. Or maybe you’re just starting to explore spirituality and are unsure of what to believe. Either way, you can live more spiritually every day by focusing inward.

Let's try something! Before you jump out of bed, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and allow any outside thoughts to move through your mind. Ask yourself what you want your day to be about. Say a little prayer even and think about this greater being. You can also access this higher energy at any time of the day by taking a quiet walk, sitting in silence for a few moments or expressing your gratitude.

This belief in something greater than yourself does not require a label. You can name it whatever feels right: God, Allah, Buddha, Krishna, Ram or even your Friends Upstairs. You can connect to this force or energy through meditation and prayer, or perhaps a connection to nature, a certain type of calming music or a creative outlet like writing or painting.

Posted: 3/2/24

Regarding my conversion from Judaism to Christianity, I guarded me privacy for 15 years. I experienced liberation when I finally opened up about my faith. Visit Gail Baker at acongregationofone.com


I find talking To God as I would a friend helps me develope a closer relationship with Him.. no matter where I am...I look around and so many sad and hurting as I let the shining of the Lord come thru me I smile at them and my intent is to let them know God understand..go to Him and feel His love and compassion allow Him to hold you and walk you thru the pain weather it be emotional or physical and ask for His healing of either one for He wants to be there and help you, feel His loving arm around you as He walks beside you daily..THANKYOU>>>Lynn Anthes

  • By lynn24
  • on 1/29/10 11:15 AM EST

I think it's guite common nowadays and I'm not alone. Each of us take a long walk from time to time and has an experience in tasting the new dimension. The thing is it is not social, not smth like we all are practicizing in our daily life. As for me, this new sence demands the new shape of life.
Then I had once written an article about 12 step programme participants, they said it's difficult going clean in the surrounding word. It tries to use your state in its own way.
New dimension and our everyday life... What do you think about that?

  • By irenek
  • on 1/25/09 3:08 PM EST